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BDC Recital

Blair Dance Center is very proud of its  annual dance recitals. 

The entire staff  is committed to directing a professional dance experience which gives each dancer a chance to show their parents, families, and friends the results of their hard work, dedication, and progress made through the year.  In addition, dance performances help build self-esteem, self-assurance, teamwork, and a general sense of confidence.  These attributes are life long lessons that carry over into school and social settings.

2023 Pom Production_edited.jpg
2023 Chefs_edited.jpg

BDC 2023 Senior Graduates

Kaitlyn T.

Chloe S.

Marissa F.

Elizabeth F.

Mallory S.

Anna S.

Taylor H.

BDC 2024 Senior Graduates

Hannah W.

Alexis W.

Sierra B.

Carrie T.

Hannah M.

Lileigh K.

Leah W.

Taryn B.

Kenna J.

Alexis H.

Senior Spotlight_edited.png
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