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Music and Motion

All preschool classes are designed to instill in our students a love for the magical world of dance and theater by capturing their natural enthusiasm for music, movement and creative play. This fun class will focus on large motor skill development, jumping, skipping, galloping and clapping in time with the music. The children will participate in creative movement to music, exploring a wide variety of tempos. They will perform one routine in the recital.

Preschool Ballet

Your little ones will work with our highly-trained, caring and nurturing instructors as they begin their journey in dance.   All Preschool classes are based on creative movement so that your child’s introduction to dance is cheerful and fun. Children learn proper studio etiquette and behavior, while never losing sight of the joy and fun of dancing brings. This 45 minute class for four-year-olds will include the basic beginning fundamentals of ballet The children will learn their right and left, and enjoy song and dance routines. They will perform one dance in the spring recital.

Ballet/Tap Combo

For students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Ballet and tap technique will be taught in this 45 minute class. Ballet teaches proper body alignment, poise and grace. Tap dancing is a fun way to explore rhythm training. The children will begin to memorize dance combinations of various steps they accomplish. They will perform one ballet and one tap routine in the recital. This is a fun class for the kids, and a great way to introduce them to the varieties of dance available to them.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo

For students in 4th-12th grade. Jazz technique is added to this core class. Each week the students will experience all three dance forms in class. New combinations are taught on a weekly basis. They will continue to work on their technique, while having fun exploring a variety of leaps and turns and across the floor combinations. Three dances are presented in the recital. The classes range from intermediate to advanced.ring recital.


Pointe work is performed using hard-toed and stiff-shanked pointe shoes to allow the dancer to dance on her toes. Pointe work is appropriate when a student is at least 11 years old, their growth plates have finished growing in their feet. The graduation to this level takes years of preparation and involves the strength and alignment of the body, not just the feet. Since this is highly individualized, the student is evaluated by the instructor in a pre -pointe class before progressing to this level. Pointe classes will present one recital piece. Beginning pointe students will perform on the the teachers discretion.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a lifestyle and attitude that has developed both musically and physically over the past 20+ years. Hip Hop is not only a fun and athletic form of exercise but it has earned respect as an influential form of dance. The hip hop student will learn techniques such as body isolations, pop-lock movement, and how to execute diverse styles and attitude. Hip Hop is the dance style most frequently seen on television and music videos. This class is offered to students 2nd-12th grade, one recital routine will be presented.


Your daughter will learn sharp, clean motions through across the floor and pom combinations. This class will focus on the lines of the body and working in complete unison with other dancers. The class will drill kicks, leaps, turns, and tricks as well as focus on flexibility and pom choreography. Your daughter will learn the importance of working together as a team with the other students. The pom program focuses on preparing dancers for the many “skills” that are required by dance/cheer teams in High school and College. Dancers will present one recital routine.


Clogging uses combinations of heel and toe movements to accompany the music in a lively and rhythmic high stepping dance. Cloggers wear taps, but they differ slightly. Tap shoes have a single tap attached to the toe and heel. Clogging taps have another piece attached, therefore considered “double taps”. Students will perform one number in the recital.


Contemporary dance stresses versatility and improvisation, differnt from the nature of ballet. Contemporary dancers focus on floorwork, using gravity to pull them down to the floor. This class is offered to students 9th-12th grade, one recital routine will be presented.

Rhythm Tap

This class is for advanced tappers only, 9-12th grade. The students will explore this contemporary form of tap. Rhythm tap utilizes more intricate movements to create a polyrhythm of sounds. Intricate rhythms and tap steps will be taught on a weekly basis.

Tap dancing has endless possibilities for learning, and its fun too! One recital routine is presented in the recital.

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